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Seeking: Casual Hookup, 1-on-1 Sex, Relationship
Age: 23
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Mike69 sexy lady, how are you today?
20 minutes ago - Like
Mike69 almost forgot, are you coming tonight? hope to see you there, remember we had a deal :)
20 minutes ago - Like
TerryWetwetWet hey you! of course you will see me there, I miss you, grrrr!
1 minute ago - Like

"I had the best sex ever last night, hope you enjoyed it too (kisses)" on JacobD's profile.

"Hey Jen, what are you up to tonight? call me..." on Jennybear's profile.

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Miguel Sabroso hey there, thanks for friend me pretty
1 day ago - Like
Karen who's your cute friend? hi miguel I am Karen, you should friend me too :P
1 day ago - Like
Miguel Sabroso just did, accept me
1 day ago - Like
TerryWetwetWet anytime Miguel, I liked your sexy smile on the picture
1 day ago - Like
TerryWetwetWet we should play together, the three of us!, are you in Karen?
17 hours ago - Like
Karen Sounds like fun!
15 hours ago - Like
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